Terms and Conditions

1. Return policy

(I) Claims: for claims of your purchase, you can start the process here.

(II) Product returns and exchanges:

a. All original products have change, with the corresponding label and the original or exchange ticket, mailing them to the sender of our shipment within 10 calendar days, in both cases counted from the date of receipt of the order at the indicated address when buying online. The cost of shipping and reshipment will be borne by the customer, except in the case of an exchange due to a defect in the garment or error in shipping the size. The garments can only be exchanged for garments of the same season. If it is a garment from previous seasons, it can only be exchanged for a garment from previous seasons by mail.

b. All changes -for all types of garments, accessories or products of the current season or previous seasons- are subject to the availability of sizes, models, colors and inventory stocks in general.

c. The garment must have its original label and manufacturer’s sealing wax intact; and it cannot have been used, washed, without odors or stains, without signs of wear or alterations, whatever, made by the user, the payer or a third party outside EMME VAZQUEZ.

d. Likewise, it must have its original packaging, not damaged. Applies to boxes or protective covers of any garment that comes from EMME VAZQUEZ with said protections.

e. The paying user who wishes to return a product purchased online, may request within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order at the address indicated in the online purchase, the return of money or a credit for the same amount, which may use in the online store. This credit will be valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issuance of the purchase or credit order, or of the return and for products from the same season in which the original product was purchased.

f. The request for credit or issuance of the purchase order must be made within 10 calendar days, counted from the date of online purchase, or from the receipt of the order at the reported address. The request must be made here.

g. The credit granted is nominative, issued in the name of the paying user and may not be transferred to third parties for consideration, nor can they be exchanged for money; and its residual value is not used in case of partial use.

h. This credit or the purchase order cannot be used in stores or online stores that sell Emme Vazquez products, it can only be used in our online store www.emmevazquez.com.

i. In case of accepting a return, once the claim is made, we will receive the order at an address that will be consigned for the case. The product must be closed and packed properly. Once we receive it and check that the return condition is met, we will enable the credit in favor of the user and he will be informed via email, within 72 business hours.

j. The return conditions mentioned are the same as those indicated above.

(III) Refund of money:

to. Money refunds will only be made in cases where the wrong garment or size has been sent or the delivery took more than 30 days from the date of purchase. The claim for the refund of the money must be made within a peremptory period of 72 business hours of having been received at the user’s home, or after the 30 days indicated above.

b. The same product requirements detailed in subsection (II) above must be observed, where applicable.

c. The refund of the amount may take, in the case of purchases with a credit and debit card, between 30 to 90 calendar days from the request for reprocessing to the operator of the debit or credit card system. Said period is due to the administrative time it takes for the latter to carry out the management so that the credit is reflected in the summary of the payer, and not to decisions of EMME VAZQUEZ.

d. For cases of return of cash payments, which will be made via bank deposit, bank transfer or PayPal within a period of 15 business days from receipt of acceptance of the return request, the bank account or PayPal account must be at Name of the owner of the user account from where the operation was carried out. In the event that the entitlements do not coincide, the express authorization signed by the owner of the user account will be required as an indispensable condition prior to the deposit or transfer.

e. In any case, the client may choose to credit the credit or issue a purchase order in her favor for the amount of the pledge in question.

2. Shipping and tracking policy

Frequent questions

a. When will I receive my order?

The delivery time depends on the type of product, and the destination country, city and postal code, and is detailed here.

The choice of the courier or carrier will be made by EMME VAZQUEZ.

It will be the responsibility of the user any error, inaccuracy or lack of data, in the destination address consigned, or in relation to the person authorized to receive the shipment, resulting in the impossibility of delivering the goods at destination.

.b. What is the shipping cost?

The cost depends on the country, city and postal code of the delivery address and is detailed here.

c. I did not receive my order and the delivery period has passed. What I do?

Please send us an email to info@emmevazquez.com. Do not forget to have your order number or SKU, and the details of the purchase at hand.

d. What if there is no one when they bring my order?

If there is no one at the address you indicated, the mail will return in 48 or 72 hours, depending on the carrier defined by EMME VAZQUEZ. In case of not finding anyone, you must go to the distribution center assigned to your order within 72 hours with your ID and the SKU that we send you.

e. Can someone else receive the package?

Yes, it is not necessary that the person who made the purchase be present. It can be received by any adult previously authorized for such purposes.

3. Terms and conditions of use of the Emme Vazquez website

(I) General Conditions

Please read carefully the general terms and conditions (hereinafter the “terms and conditions”) described below. These will apply to browsing the Internet Website www.emmevazquez.com (hereinafter the “Website”, when referring to the Internet Website) and the services offered therein.

The rights to use the Website www.emmevazquez.com are owned by EMME VAZQUEZ (CUIT 30-71284980-7).

EMME VAZQUEZ reserves the right to cancel the order / purchase made by a user / end customer at any time without prior notice. Thus, the purchase confirmation does not represent in any way an inalienable commitment for EMME VAZQUEZ, although we strive to offer our service without hassles, interruptions or delays, maintenance work, human errors (for example in the attribution of prices), the continuation of development and / or other incidents may limit and / or partially interrupt the possibilities of using the platform, justify the cancellation of a purchase and, under certain circumstances, loss of data. EMME VAZQUEZ does not offer a guarantee for the availability of the service, the absence of technical inconveniences or the loss of data that it may cause. In the event that the purchase is canceled, the Customer Service Department will try to contact the end customer by some means to offer a reasonable solution and seek, as far as possible and reasonable, their satisfaction.

(II) Acceptance and knowledge of the Terms and Conditions

EMME VAZQUEZ reserves the right to demand that each user accept and comply with the terms included herein as a necessary condition for access, permanence and use of the Website. In this sense, any person who wishes to access and / or use the Website may do so subject to the provisions set forth herein, together with all those complementary or accessory guidelines issued by EMME VAZQUEZ, made known to Users through the Website and those that arise from the different national and international legal regulations whose corresponding application. The visitor who does not accept, does not agree or fails to comply with the provisions indicated in the preceding paragraph, will not have authorization to access and use the Website, having to interrupt navigation through it, and refrain from entering again, or make use of the Website in any form. When, after entering the Website, the visitor remains in it beyond the reasonable time to become aware of these Terms and Conditions; make use of any service; or leave it to re-enter any other session, it will be understood that you have accepted and given positive consent regarding the content of this text as a whole, assuming the obligation to respect the provisions herein. Consequently, all visits, as well as all operations and transactions that the visitor carries out on the Website, including their legal effects, will be governed by these rules. The terms and conditions contained in this instrument will be understood as an integral part and will be applied to all operations that are held or executed through the Website, between the visitors “Clients” and EMME VAZQUEZ, or by any other company or company whose products or services are offered on the Website. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, each item, article or service may provide, where appropriate, specific agreements or contracts, to which those who purchase such products or make use of those services must adhere. Said documents may complement, modify, or delete part of what is set forth herein, and in those cases they must follow the provisions of the former.

(III) Modification of the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions may be substituted or modified at any time and at the sole discretion of EMME VAZQUEZ, and users’ consent will not be required for ongoing transactions that have started prior to said modifications. The conditions in force at the time of its agreement will subsist, unless the new modifications introduced were more convenient for the user. All modified terms will take effect the day after they are published on the Website.

(IV) Capacity

To use the services of the Website, it is required to have legal capacity to contract. Those who lack it, those who have been suspended or disabled, or minors will not be able to access the services. Parents, guardians or those responsible for minors who use the Website will be responsible for such use, including any charges, billing or damage arising from it.

(V) Goods and services offered

I. Know the garments, accessories and products offered by EMME VAZQUEZ.

II. Know the new collections of clothing.

III. Find out about prices, sizes, measurements, availability, characteristics and presentations of the products.

IV. Know the means of payment offered and the shipments of merchandise and (v) Acquire online the garments and accessories of your interest in accordance with the conditions established by EMME VAZQUEZ.

The previous list is subject to modification, deletion and / or replacement at any time by EMME VAZQUEZ Consequently, the number, type, quality, conditions of access and use of the services and / or contents offered, may vary over time. , without requiring any notification to Users.

(VI) Website Operation

a. Procedure to purchase a product:

(I) EMME VAZQUEZ makes available to the User the possibility of completing the entire process of acquisition and / or contracting of the services and / or products offered through the Website, in a simple, fast, secure and totally online way.

(II) The User who wishes to contract a certain product or service offered through the Website must complete the contract request form available, depending on the product or service in question, entering all the data that is requested in it, such as be product, size, color, measurements, quantity, complete, truthful and updated personal and contact information, financial information and / or means of payment, among others.

(III) The User must understand and accept that the Purchase Request does not perfect the Contract, but until the confirmation and validation of the personal and financial data entered is issued, which will occur within 24 or 48 business hours from when signed the Purchase Request, or longer terms that are available or depend on the banking and / or financial entities.

(IV) All information provided by the User must be exact, truthful, complete, updated and adjusted to the real needs and interests of the User. For this reason, it is important that the User read – carefully– and carefully corroborate –the data entered on the Website, since once they have been uploaded to the system, they are automatically processed by an automatic mechanism that is not able to detect irregularities or inconsistencies. . It is suggested to the User that in case of any questions that may arise, always contact the indicated email addresses (info@emmevazquez.com) or that in the future they are indicated, on the days and times indicated on the Website.

(V) Once the form has been completed and, after having read and accepted the particular conditions of each of the products and / or services whose contracting is intended, the User must indicate the means of payment through which he will pay the corresponding amounts to the products and / or services requested. Finally, the User must send the Purchase Request by pressing the send or acceptance button that will be displayed on the screen of their Internet browser.

(VI) Once EMME VAZQUEZ receives the Purchase Request, it will verify the availability of the product or service in question and process the order within the following 24 or 48 business hours, informing the User by email about said availability, confirming or rejecting the Contract Request. In case of rejection of the Contract Request, the User will not have the right to claim any compensation from EMME VAZQUEZ, nor reimbursement of expenses or costs, if they exist.

(VII) The User accepts and acknowledges that the Contract will not be considered perfected until EMME VAZQUEZ confirms the availability of the product or service in question and the payment of the products and / or services contracted by the User through the means is positively accredited. payment selected for its purposes, after the confirmation and validation of your personal and financial data.

b. Payment methods

The amount of the products that are acquired through the Website may be canceled by means of different payment alternatives, which the User must indicate in their Purchase Request.

These means, without prejudice to whether or not all of them are available for each and every one of the products and / or services offered on the Website, may be the following:

(I) Credit or Purchase Cards: the collection, processing and reconciliation services of transactions made through credit or purchase cards are performed by third party operators of electronic transactions or payment gateways. These operators are outside EMME VAZQUEZ and are not under its control. The User who chooses to pay for the products or services contracted by credit or purchase cards, must accept the terms and conditions of the services provided by the third operator. These terms and conditions will appear on the User’s screen during the credit card payment process. The User acknowledges and accepts that: 1) transactions made with credit cards are operated by third parties other than EMME VAZQUEZ; 2) the payment operation -as a whole- is carried out outside of EMME VAZQUEZ’s processing systems, consequently, EMME VAZQUEZ does not access, process, or store any financial data linked to the User; 3) EMME VAZQUEZ will not be responsible for incidents or inconveniences of this means of payment; 4) the choice of this means of payment may entail additional administrative costs, surcharges and interest; 5) the issuance of payment vouchers will be in charge of third party electronic transaction operators; 6) Until the payment operator reports the successful completion of the transaction, EMME VAZQUEZ will not consider the amount corresponding to the contracted services canceled and –until then– the Contract will not be understood to have been perfected.

(II) PayPal: Those Users who have a PayPal account, may pay the amounts of the products or services purchased on the Website through the payment systems offered by PayPal. In this case, all incidents related to the use of the services provided by PayPal, such as the processing of payments, the sending of payments, commissions, limitations and conditions of use of the system, will be governed in accordance with the agreement between the User. and PayPal.

(III) Bank deposit / ATM: the User may also choose to cancel the amounts corresponding to the products or services contracted through the Website by bank deposit or automatic teller machine (ATM), in the name of EMME VAZQUEZ or a third party indicated by it, to the account and bank indicated in the Purchase Request, in case this alternative is available. EMME VAZQUEZ will only consider canceled the amount corresponding to the Purchase Request, once the bank deposit has been successfully validated. The validation or accreditation times of the deposit depend on the bank entity (s) involved in the operation. If the deposit has not been credited within a reasonable period of 48 business hours, the User must initiate the claim process with the corresponding banking institution, for which they must keep at all times the deposit receipt delivered by the bank or issued by the ATM, which may mean the rejection of the Purchase Request, and without implying the right to claim damages from EMME VAZQUEZ or the reimbursement or compensation of expenses, if any.

(IV) Bank transfer: EMME VAZQUEZ will only consider as canceled the amount corresponding to the Contract Request, once the transfer of funds is successfully validated. The validation or accreditation times of the transfer depend on the financial entity (s) involved in the operation. If the transfer has not been accredited within a reasonable period of 48 business hours after the Purchase Request is signed, the User must initiate the claim process with the financial institution in question, for which he must keep the receipt at all times. electronic transfer of funds delivered by the bank or issued by the ATM, which may mean the rejection of the Purchase Request, and without implying the right to claim damages from EMME VAZQUEZ or the reimbursement or compensation of expenses, if exist. The User declares to know that this type of transaction may have limitations in schedules, amounts or requirements in accordance with the current regulations of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic and / or internal regulations of the intervening commercial bank, which are alien to EMME VAZQUEZ and therefore which does not respond.

(V) MercadoPago: Those Users who have an account in MercadoPago, may pay the amounts of the products or services purchased on the Website through the payment systems offered by MercadoPago. In this case, all incidents related to the use of the services provided by MercadoPago, such as the processing of payments, the sending of payments, commissions, limitations and conditions of use of the system, will be governed in accordance with the agreement between the User. and MercadoPago.

c. Billing:

Once the payment of the contracted services has been accredited by the User, the invoice or proof equivalent to the invoice will be issued, in accordance with Argentine legislation.

d. Term of validity of the offer and the price:

The prices of the products and / or services available and offered on the Website, as long as they are visible on it, will only be valid and applicable in it, and will be subject to modifications. EMME VAZQUEZ may at any time modify any information contained in this Website, including that related to products, services, prices, stocks and / or conditions, at any time and without prior notice, simply by making them public and visible on the Website.

e. Use of personal data registered on the Website:

The User’s personal data referred to in these Terms and Conditions will have the purpose of improving the information and marketing work of the products and services provided through the Website. In no case, EMME VAZQUEZ will reveal or share financial information related to the User.

The personal information that the User registers on the Website is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection – both physical and technological. EMME VAZQUEZ will keep and protect all the information to which it has access confidentially, being able to use it only for its own purposes, not revealing it or giving it to third parties, with the exception of using it for statistical purposes, without personal identification and / or using it in other services that it provides EMME VAZQUEZ or related companies, controlled or under the same common control.

f. System or database violations:

Any action or use of devices, software, or other instruments tending to interfere both in the activities and / or operations of EMME VAZQUEZ, as well as in the offers, descriptions, accounts or databases of EMME VAZQUEZ, is illegal. Any interference, attempt or Activity violating or contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights, system security, and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this document will make the person responsible for the pertinent legal actions, and the sanctions provided for in this agreement, making express reservation EMME VAZQUEZ –additionally- to temporarily or permanently suspend access and / or use of the Website of the User and / or Visitor in question.

g. Intellectual property:

The contents of the Web pages related to the services of EMME VAZQUEZ, as well as the information, brands, commercial names, designations, data, texts, graphics, images, designs, photographs, audio, videos, logos, icons, programs, bases Data and files are the property of EMME VAZQUEZ or the Suppliers or financial entities, with a license or authorization of use in question, and are protected by the laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs (Paris Union, Berne Convention, WIPO Copyright Treaty, TRIPS agreement, etc.). The improper use and the total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by EMME VAZQUEZ or the intervening entities in question.

h. Links or hyperlinks to EMME VAZQUEZ:

The establishment of any “hyperlink” or link between a Web page outside the Website and any page of the latter may only be done with the express authorization of EMME VAZQUEZ

In no case, EMME VAZQUEZ will be responsible for the contents or existing manifestations in the web pages outside the Website from where the hyperlinks to the Website are established. The fact that there is a hyperlink between a web page and the Website does not imply – in any way – that EMME VAZQUEZ is aware of it, even less, that EMME VAZQUEZ maintains any relationship with the owners of the Web page from which the link is established .

EMME VAZQUEZ reserves the right to request the removal or elimination of any link from a Web page outside the Website, at any time, without expression of cause, and without the need for any prior notice. The person in charge of the Web page from which the link is made will have a period of 48 hours from the order made by EMME VAZQUEZ to proceed with its removal or elimination.

i. Links or hyperlinks from the Website:

If they exist, the hyperlinks or existing links on the Website, which connect with third-party Web pages, are intended to improve the User’s browsing experience on the Website, making available tools, content and services provided by third parties unrelated to EMME VAZQUEZ

However, EMME VAZQUEZ does not control, endorse or guarantee the security, quality, legality, veracity and suitability of the services and content offered or provided by third parties on the Website, or through it, when they are outside the Website. In that order, EMME VAZQUEZ will not be liable for the damages that the User who purchases products or uses services from those third parties may experience.

The access and use of Web pages linked from the Website will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User, who must take all necessary precautionary measures according to the type of service, content accessed, or product purchased.

The User who considers a page linked from the Website inappropriate, may raise her complaint or recommendation through the complaint mechanism made available to the User through the Website.

j. Use of the Website. Control measures.

Any use of the Website that has the purpose of damaging the rights of EMME VAZQUEZ, injuring the rights of third parties, contravening the legal order or constitutes an offensive practice against the security and integrity of the systems, will be considered as prohibited use of the services or contents, insofar as it violates the purposes for which it was made available to the User, Visitor and / or users and / or consumers in general, in which case EMME VAZQUEZ reserves the right to suspend or restrict, temporarily or definitively, the access of that User and / or Visitor to the Website, without prejudice to the legal actions that may correspond.

In particular, it will be considered that it has mediated prohibited use if:

Any applicable law, regulation, resolution or regulation, the rights of a third party, public order, morals and good customs, or any of the stipulations of these terms and conditions will be violated;
the User breaches her commitments as a User;
incurred – at the discretion of EMME VAZQUEZ – in malicious or fraudulent conduct or acts;
The identity of the User could not be verified or any information provided by the same was erroneous.

k. Jurisdiction and applicable law.

This agreement will be governed in all its points by the laws in force in the Argentine Republic. Any controversy derived from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be submitted to the ordinary courts with jurisdiction in Greater Buenos Aires.

4. Privacy policy of the data supplied by the user

(I) Preliminary Questions

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) is an integral and inseparable part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the EMME VAZQUEZ Website (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”) and it must be interpreted properly harmonious and consistent with these Terms and Conditions and will be extendable, as appropriate, to online purchases through sites operated and under the responsibility of third parties expressly authorized by EMME VAZQUEZ to market their products and / or offer their services.

This Privacy Policy informs about the comprehensive protection that EMME VAZQUEZ provides to personal and / or financial data recorded in its files, records, data banks, or other technical means of data processing that are in the possession of EMME VAZQUEZ to guarantee the right to honor and privacy of individuals, as well as access to the information that is recorded on them, in accordance with the provisions of article 43, third paragraph of the National Constitution and in a whole in accordance with the Provisions of the national law for the protection of personal data (Law 25,326) and the applicable International Treaties.

This Privacy Policy has a series of guidelines that regulate the mechanisms of treatment, storage, use and protection of the data – personal and financial – that the users of the website URL: https://www.emmevazquez.com owned by EMME VAZQUEZ and / or entities related to it, at the time of contracting goods and / or services through the EMME VAZQUEZ Website

One of the priorities of EMME VAZQUEZ is to respect the privacy of the Website Users and endeavor to always keep the information and personal and / or financial data that EMME VAZQUEZ collects as a result of the use of the Website by Users (hereinafter information”).

This Privacy Policy details and informs the User what type of Information EMME VAZQUEZ collects, how it is stored, what is the purpose of its file, how it protects it, what is the scope of its confidentiality commitment and what are the User’s rights as the owner of the Information.

(II) Mandatory Information

In order for the User to be able to use the Website to contract the goods and services offered by EMME VAZQUEZ, EMME VAZQUEZ needs to know the following Information: Full name and surname, identification document (National Identity Document – DNI or Passport), address Real data and email address are minimum, necessary and indispensable data required of the User to request the contracting of any of the services that are offered through the EMME VAZQUEZ Website.

The foregoing information must be truthful, accurate, complete and updated, provided under a sworn statement by the User. The User will respond -in any case- for the veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the Information provided and, in no case will EMME VAZQUEZ be responsible for it or for the faults, vices or omissions attributable to the User at the time of the provision of said Information .

EMME VAZQUEZ reserves the right to restrict access to the Website to any User who has provided false, imprecise, misleading, confusing information, pretending to be another person, or without the authorization of any person, without prejudice to other actions that proceed according to law .

(III) Additional Information

When processing each transaction that the User requests, EMME VAZQUEZ records information on aspects of the contracted good or service, such as: product, color, size, model, quantity, etc.

In order to verify the financial data provided by the User, when selecting the means of payment for the services whose contracting is intended, EMME VAZQUEZ may request validations from the corresponding financial entities. Notwithstanding this, this Information -in particular- will be processed mainly by external agents and outside of EMME VAZQUEZ associated with financial entities.

EMME VAZQUEZ may also generate and systematize Information through User surveys in order to obtain demographic data, as well as all other statistical information to make its service more efficient and improve the User’s experience, allowing it to be identified individually. In that order, EMME VAZQUEZ, by itself and / or through linked and / or controlled entities and / or under the same common control, may use IP Information (Internet protocol) to analyze trends, administer the Site and collect demographic information . Said IP addresses will not be used by EMME VAZQUEZ for the identification of Users, with the exception of cases in which possible fraudulent activities are investigated. Finally, EMME VAZQUEZ may request from the User additional information related to the optimization of the services offered through the Website.

(IV) Information Storage

When the User enters their personal and / or financial data to the server through the Website, they are transformed into codes that travel in encrypted form from their computer to the server managed by EMME VAZQUEZ Once the data that EMME VAZQUEZ needs to know has been received, the They are decoded and processed, with the exception of security measures (user, passwords, etc.) that remain constantly encrypted in the database.

(V) Purpose of the file

EMME VAZQUEZ uses the Information obtained to identify the User, seek an efficient service and provide better service to the User. EMME VAZQUEZ will not sell, assign or transfer – under any circumstances – the Information obtained from the User.

EMME VAZQUEZ may contact those Users who expressly authorize it for this purpose, to offer them certain services that it considers to be of interest.

(VI) Protection of Information

EMME VAZQUEZ has incorporated mechanisms for the protection of Information, in order to avoid – reasonably – deviations and / or their adulteration, loss, consultation or unauthorized data processing. EMME VAZQUEZ works with the highest commercially available encryption, so that the Information cannot be read while circulating through the Internet. However, EMME VAZQUEZ cannot guarantee the absolute security, confidentiality or inalterability of the Information, since the Internet is an open and massive electronic network.

EMME VAZQUEZ allows its colleagues and / or controlled and / or related entities and / or under the same common control access to User Information to process customer service requests or for fraud control. Without prejudice to this, the data necessary to carry out operations, such as the User’s personal password, are not available to any employee, executive or advisor of EMME VAZQUEZ, nor to the entities controlled, linked and / or under the same control common, since they are automatically encrypted by the EMME VAZQUEZ database upon being entered by the User.

(VII) Confidentiality

EMME VAZQUEZ will maintain strict confidentiality regarding the Information provided by the User. EMME VAZQUEZ, its dependents and / or any other person under its control who intervenes in any phase of information processing is obliged to secrecy with respect to it. Such obligation will subsist even after the interaction with the User who owns that Information has ended.

EMME VAZQUEZ irrevocably undertakes not to disclose Information to third parties, except in the following cases:

a) The User expressly authorizes it for a specific purpose.

b) its externalization is required by law, decree or administrative resolution.

c) is in compliance with a judicial resolution.

d) The Website is used to carry out illegal activities, or cause damages or losses to EMME VAZQUEZ or its assets, other Users or third parties and the dissemination of the Information serves to identify, locate or carry out legal actions against those who carry out such activities or cause such damages or losses.

e) It is Information that has entered the public domain.

(VIII) Rights of the User who owns the Information

The User, as the owner of the Information provided to EMME VAZQUEZ, will have the right to access their personal and / or financial data included in the EMME VAZQUEZ database, and rectify and / or update and / or delete said Information , either through the mechanism provided on the same Website and / or through the contact channels that are enabled for such purposes, and which can be viewed on the Website. EMME VAZQUEZ will provide that Information and / or will arbitrate the measures that are required within five (5) calendar days of the User’s request. The request for the deletion of Information by a User does not proceed when it could cause damage to the rights or legitimate interests of third parties or when there is a legal obligation of EMME VAZQUEZ to keep that data.

The User’s right enshrined in this clause may be exercised by the owner of the Information free of charge and provided that it is a reasonable and justified exercise and a legitimate interest to that effect is proven. The exercise of this right also concerns the universal successors of the deceased persons with respect to the Information they own.

(IX) Modifications to the Privacy Policy

EMME VAZQUEZ reserves the right to make, at any time, modifications to this Privacy Policy and adapt it to new legislation, jurisprudence, as well as reasonable market practices. This modification will be publicized and communicated to Users through the display of notices that so indicate on the Website, automatically taking effect the day after its publication.

It is the responsibility of the User to periodically control the text of this Privacy Policy to be aware of possible modifications.

Copyright Emme Vazquez – 2020. All rights reserved.