The Argentine designer and actress Emme Vazquez has just presented her new capsule collection “Linaje 2022” in France and Italy along with her first artistic fashion film, “Women weaving stories”.

The new collection arises from researching weaving as an ancestral technique, associated almost exclusively with women and the connection that its transmission from generation to generation highlights.

“In the case of Linaje, I was precisely inspired by my grandmothers: an 87-year-old, who knitted all her life and, today, despite having lost her sight, she took up the needles to make clothes for her first great- grandson; the other, who died this year, who hand- embroidered dresses and tablecloths. On the other hand, my mother introduced me to Nüshu, a writing system created exclusively for use by women more than 3,000 years ago in southeastern China and with which they embroidered words talking about friendship and happiness,” says the designer about her creative process for this collection.

Linaje is made up of two lines. The first are handmade knitted fabrics in complementary pastel tones, with changes in stitches and textures and exterior labels that state “We are what we choose”, emphasizing fair trade, a pillar of the company. While the second is a more urban and strident proposal, with a saturated palette of seven shades and with materials such as cotton, and meshed fabric.

A fashion film by and for women 

In addition to her collection, Emme Vazquez took the opportunity to also present her art & fashion film, “Women weaving stories”, carried out with the collaboration of Argentine actresses such as Mirta Busnelli, Laura Azcurra and Anabel Cherubito, and premiered at Palazzo Caprioli, a search for personal development and dance center located in Brescia, Italy.

“In the midst of a context of so much uncertainty, presenting a project that seeks to reveal the truth to consolidate our identity in an invaluable space like Palazzo, is a gift. With this film, we seek to follow that invisible red string to unite the stories of women from the past with present and future generations, in order to embody the messages of those who did not have a voice,” the designer said about it.

The film, along with the capsule collection, were presented on August 6 at the Palazzo Caprioli, located in the Italian town of Gussago, province of Brescia. In addition, the collection was also presented in Sicily, Italy, where a pre-launch show was held at the Nido del Pellegrino in Favignana Island, and in the French capital.

As part of its trip, the brand carried out photographic campaigns and a new fashion film in Montmartre, a well-known Parisian district. This

production, made with French director Tim Win and starring Soiline, a Parisian dancer and model, is now available on social networks and the brand’s website.