Emme Vazquez

We design to question the world.

To show what society hides;

to give a voice to the voiceless.

We design to transgress imposed and normative standards. We replace structures of oppression with irony and messages of liberation.

Our designs attempt to awaken instincts repressed by a patriarchal system, and represent stories that have been silenced for generations.

We design to liberate women, minorities and our mother Earth from an elitist system; to break from stratification in the world of fashion; to denounce and eliminate the exploitation that hides behind its outward appearances.

How we work

We promote a fair, transparent, and caliber production system that works thanks to a limited production of durable fashion pieces and pre-order marketing, avoiding excess stock and planned obsolescence.

We believe in fair trade, and ethical commercial relationships down the line: between producers, suppliers and consumers, we are respectful of culture, human rights and natural resources. We aim at a sustainable economic, social and environmental future.

Our community of manufacturers are diverse: from cooperatives of women in vulnerable situations, small- scale workshops, or from their homes, always under equitable and regulated conditions, with active participation in the creative process.

Our workforce is based mainly in Argentina, while our raw materials come from different regions ranging from the north to the south of the country.

Currently our design team is divided between Argentina and France, where we are in the process of producing accessories, prototypes and other finishes.

Melisa Vazquez | Creative director

Melisa Vazquez (Buenos Aires, August 6, 1989), known as “Emme Vazquez”, is a fashion designer, actress and professor at the University of Palermo. She began her professional career as a designer and creative director on March 8, 2018, launching the brand that today bears her name, in commemoration of International Women’s Day. 

Her project was conceived during her undergraduate thesis, in which she linked design and political activism by inscribing messages of liberation into oppressive typologies of women’s clothing.

At Bafweek SS ’19 she presented her first collection and permanent capsule, “Carnal”, marked by a mix of sportswear and lingerie, a trademark of her brand.

A year later she presented her second collection “Femme-Bang 2020” in Paris, initiating a creative bond with the old continent that would later lead her to settle in France.

In her brief career, Emme managed to link design, acting, feminist activism and teaching under a single artistic-intellectual project aligned with her ideological identity and her social commitment.

Emme is part of the collective “Actrices Argentinas”, which was born as an activist movement in favor of the right to legal, safe and free abortion in Argentina and which became an emblem of struggle in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Melisa Vazquez